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There is so much information out there on how to trade the stock market that it is really overwhelming. It seems like everyone is trying to sell you the best stock trading strategy and there is always the new big and best thing that will make you a millionaire. Don’t fall for any of it it’s all lies. There is no new or best way to trade the markets. The stock market was around for a very long time, there is nothing new about it. Sure there is new software that people make up but it’s just going by price action and past performance that’s it, no one can tell the future. They can just guess. I know this from experience, when I was a newbie I fell for a lot of get-rich-quick B.S. Don’t fall for it. This is why I Made this website, to help people and steer them in the right direction of good helpful people and resources.


So are these people who are selling these so called new trading strategies scamming you? Yes and know, I say this because unless they Steal all your money off your credit card “which never happened to me by the way” the only thing that is a scam is the way they market these products. They pretty much lie to you by saying how easy it is to make money and show you all these bogus numbers of profits they made and high returns of 300% gains or more. I’m not saying it’s not possible to make 300% gain on one trade because it is, but it’s pretty much just a lucky trade and you’re not going to consistently make that.They tell you all these things just to get people to buy their program, and I’m telling you right now it’s hard to make money, it takes time and hard work. If it was easy everyone would be rich and there would be no poor people on the streets. Right? I don’t know, just saying.

Are you being scammed?

So are these people really scamming you? I don’t really think so it’s just marketing, almost any salesmen will lie to you to sell you something, that’s what I have experienced anyway. It is madding but once you realize this it makes you think different it will put you in a different mindset. Instead of being angry and saying that you been scammed and everything this guy is saying is a complete scam. If you change your thinking you will say more along the lines of OK this guy is trying to sell me something I know I won’t be a millionaire overnight but I’m going to listen to what he has to offer and maybe I will learn something. If you think in a positive way I guarantee you, you will learn something. Once I got in this mind set I was never scammed again, I always learned something new with every strategy or program that I bought. Keep in mind thou that I sometimes never got my full value as promised which I kind a all ready new that but I still learned something, and sometimes I got the opposite, I got a way more than what I paid for, which is a bonus, you never know until you try something for your self.


I think it’s your best investment to have good mentor someone you can trust to help you become successful with trading the stock market. When I first started I was all alone and learned things the hard way. I made a lot of bad decisions that lost me money. I was just about to give up and quit but I didn’t because I found a mentor to show me the way. I didn’t know if I should trust him at first but he said didn’t take my word for anything, test and verify everything I say for yourself then make your own decision to trust me or not.

I think that is the best advice that anyone can give you. Test and verify everything for yourself don’t trust anything or anyone until you verified it for your self and that way you are in control of your money not some guy you don’t know.

Test and verify

So how do you test and verify? Well this is are the work comes in.

#1 Don’t use your money

To test a trading strategy don’t use your own hard earned money because you will lose all of it. I know this with experience.

#2 Paper account

To test You must set up a test trading account also called a paper account or a simulated trading account as far as I know almost every broker has this. What it is a trading account that simulates a real account and you buy and sell stock just like real life except that you use fake money. It is a great tool, I use it every day, I test trading strategies and make up my own strategies all the time. It is really fun to experiment and play with and it also teaches you how to use your trading platform as well which is really important.

#3 Verify

To verify the stock market it’s pretty easy, if someone tells you that xyz stock has been going up for this many weeks or months and you got to get in right now, well just don’t jump in and buy that stock. Look at a stock chart and look back and see how the stock is performing for your self. Don’t take anyone’s word for it. Verify everything you’re self so that your in control.You can use your brokers stock charts or you can use free charting software online. One of the best websites that I use is If you are verifying a trading strategy, just try it out for your self with the paper account and verify if it makes you money or not.

Or if you want to verify if a person or thing is legitimate, just do a google search and find reviews or whatever, it don’t matter how you verify someone or something just do it the way that makes you comfortable and It will help you in making a better financial decisions or decisions about anything in life really.

So since this is a website on best stock trading websites I’m going to give you the url to a website called market club and I think it’s the best website out there for beginners who want to learn how to trade the stock market. This website is pretty much a charting software with a lot of perks and it gives you access to one of my mentors who I think is the best teacher out there for trading stock options. His name is Travis Wilkerson also known as trader Travis. Check him out for your self at and check out market club at 

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